Luke Scott
Dog Warden
Our copywriting and creative-directing founder leads the imaginative charge on every studio project, large or small. Luke takes great pride in the happiness of clients and the success of their businesses.
Jessica Forster
Snoop Dogg
From client onboarding to mic-dropping, Jess handles everything account and project management, ensuring things get done on time, with style. In other words, she’s the reason there’s always gin in the juice.
Katy Wood
Rescue Dog
From managing project timelines, guiding internal goals, and keeping clients happy, Katy runs everything digital around here—often saving the day.
Abelardo Pulido
Space Dog
As interstellar designer, Abe runs the agency’s art department, illustrating quite literally how brands can benefit from original and consistent visual storytelling, rooted in the right strategic thinking, regardless of the galaxy.
Scott Andersen
Dog Tracker
Our technical spirit guide, Scott leads all aspects of website development, user experience, hosting, search optimization, digital ad management, app development, and beyond. He can also navigate using the stars. No joke.

Our Studio

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by.

We’re proudly located in Bridgeport, CT—otherwise known as The Park City. Our agency sits on the top floor of a renovated YWCA, overlooking downtown. We strongly encourage a visit to our studio, to get a better sense for who we are and what we do. The door is always open (once you buzz in).